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Nimbus - 2003 Art Gallery and Auction (return to top)

Application Procedures

These procedures apply to any artist, art collector, or auction donor that is interested in displaying their art or auction items in the Nimbus - 2003 Gallery Exhibition. The Nimbus - 2003 Art Gallery will display items that are artwork for sale, not-for-sale artwork, and charity auction items and artwork that convention goers can examine prior to participating in the silent and live auctions.

Step 1:

Immediately, but not later than July 1, 2003, submit a .jpg or .gif of each of the pieces you wish to exhibit as separate e-mail attachments to Please specify the artist, title, media and size of the piece, and whether it is for exhibition or auction in the body of the e-mail.

A cursory review process is necessary because, Nimbus - 2003 is committed to ensuring that none of the saleable artwork that is exhibited violates any of the terms outlined in the Gallery Submissions Guidelines. Do not be offended if one of your pieces is refused.

Step 2:

Wait until you receive confirmation on all of your pieces on whether they were accepted or refused. If you do not receive confirmation on all of your pieces at around the same time please notify Julie.

Step 3:

Once you have received confirmation, hit reply and respond to the application questions that pertain to your submissions. One set of questions will be for the Art Exhibition; the other set of questions is for Auction donations. Hit "send" and your application form is complete. You will receive an application form confirmation notice by return e-mail. Skip to Step 5 if you are donating to the Auction.

Step 4:

ART EXHIBITION PARTICIPANTS ONLY. Reserve your wall or table exhibit space. Your exhibit space can be reserved one of two ways:

A. Go to and click the link to pay via PayPal. PayPal transactions are subject to a $0.75 surcharge; please add $0.75 to your total.

B. Mail a check with "Art Gallery Reservation" under Memo to:

Harry Potter Symposium Nimbus - 2003
P.O. Box 18769
Rochester, NY 14618-0769

Once we have received your payment, you will receive a confirmation of your space. Space will be allocated on a "first come, first served" basis for accepted artwork.

Step 5:

If you are mailing in your art, prepare your artwork for shipping U.P.S. Make sure you are not sending an item framed with glass. Exhibitors, be advised that if your work does not sell Nimbus - 2003 will return the piece to you in the packaging in which it arrived. Make sure your packaging is sturdy and the art is well protected. Nimbus - 2003 will return any non-donated item(s) that are not sold during the event. Please enclose a check for the original shipping amount, plus a $4.00 hotel-handling fee per package. If your artwork is sold the check will be returned to you when we issue a check for the sale of your piece.

If donating to the auction please write attn: Art Auction on mailing label.

If sending art for exhibit/sale write attn: Art Exhibit on mailing label.

Estimate your ship date keeping in mind that Nimbus - 2003 can receive shipped art work at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin between Friday, July 11 and Wednesday, July 16 only.

Ship all artwork and donations to:

Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin
Nimbus - 2003
Julie Marton
1200 Epcot Resorts Boulevard
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

B: If you are bringing your art or donation to the Symposium you can drop it off at the Swan's Osprey Ballroom when you arrive. Your spot will be reserved for you. An art gallery assistant will install it for you.

6. Artists that did not make arrangements to have their unsold artwork shipped to them after the convention can pick up their artwork at the gallery on Sunday, July 20 from 8 a.m to 11 a.m. Nimbus - 2003 cannot be held responsible for abandoned artwork. If you cannot pick up your artwork please make shipping arrangements with a member of the Art Gallery Committee.

Games and Sports (return to top)

The Quest

The Quest is an interactive game that will last all weekend. Entrants will face a series of puzzles and challenges, most of which they may solve largely in their own time. Each solution will lead participants to the next clue, puzzle, game, or challenge. The overall end of the quest will be announced on Saturday night, in between the showings of our Double-Feature Double-Feature.

Quest participants may work alone or in teams. Stages of the quest may have individual prizes, and there will be a grand prize for the overall winner(s) as well.


What’s a conference on Harry Potter without an attempt to play the noble sport of wizards? Quidditch will take place in Swan rooms 8-10 on Friday, July 18, at approximately 6:00 pm. Depending on the length of game time and number of full teams fielded, there will be between 3 and 6 matches. Sign-up sheets will be posted in the Department of Games and Sports

Rules are here.

Fandom Squares

Like Hollywood Squares, but featuring representatives from sites run by the fans, for the fans. Test your knowledge of the online community in this classic game of tic-tac-toe. Watch out for the bluffs! Contestants will be chosen at random from the audience. (Please note that this event conflicts with the Founders’ Feast.)

Contests (return to top)

Worst Harry Potter Merchandise Contest

Do your friends and family know you're a Harry Potter buff? Do they ever give you merchandise, even though you think it's all cheesy?

Well, now's your chance to make it pay! Bring the item you consider the *worst* HP-related gift you've ever been given--or the dumbest thing you can't believe you actually spent money on--and see if others agree with you. If you fear to bring the object itself, you may bring a picture of you with it.

Rules: The item must be part of your (or your family's) personal collection. We won't ask you how you acquired it--unless you want to tell us!--but you must own it. If you bring a picture, you must be in the picture along with the item. (No cutting from catalogs!)

Each person at the party will be given a bean. A cup will be placed in front of each item or picture, and throughout the evening, attendees may place their bean in the cup of their choice. At the end of the night (we'll give a 15 minute warning), we'll count the beans. The owner of the item with the most beans in its cup will win a special prize.

HP Movie Casting Contest!

How about those HP films? Did they make the right casting choices? Do you agree with JK Rowling's insistence on casting only actors from the British Isles, Canada, and Australia? Well, Nimbus - 2003 offers you alternatives!

Objective: Cast any one of the films (including OoP!) with the actors you would have picked if *you* were in charge. To aid people who might not know your choices, please bring a picture, filmography, or other evidence of the person's suitability. For each choice, write a *short* (no more than 3 sentence) description of why you think that person is right for the part.

Scenario #1: "Looks can be Deceiving" - Pick your cast members based on looks (or looks and personality) alone, not necessarily because of their acting skills. The object in this choice is to assemble a cast that *looks* as close to your vision as you can find.

Scenario #2: "Englishman in New York" - Cast the film as well as you can from nations *not* on JKR's approved list.

Scenario #3: "If Worse Comes to Worst..." - Go the other way. If you felt the movies made poor choices, just how much worse could it get? Pick your ultimate worst choices - but still be realistic! For example, Ringo Starr as Snape. For this one, they must fit JKR's bill and come from a British country or commonwealth.

Assemble your lists, collages, or whatever, and display them all weekend in the Nimbus - 2003 banquet room!

Gallery Prizes(return to top)

Our Art Gallery will close for judging on Saturday night and prizes will be awarded for a variety of categories, including, but not limited to:

Best in Show
Most "Novel"
Best Genre Art
Funniest Art
Most Magical Art
Most Dramatic Art
Best Professional Artist
Best Amateur Artist
Best Junior Artist
Best Non-Fantasy Art

The winners will be announced in between the showings of the Double-Feature Double-Feature.

Auction and Raffles(return to top)

Throughout the weekend, Nimbus – 2003 will offer special raffles of various donated items, possibly including wands, HP merchandise, posters, and other items. Tickets will be sold for a chance at the items up for raffle.

Also during the weekend, select items on display in the gallery may be up for auction. Bidders may bid silently up until the close of the gallery on Saturday night, and any items with more than three bids at that time will go to live auction on Sunday morning. Winning bidders must pay in cash or check before they can leave with their items. Proceeds from the auction will benefit BookAid, International.